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Commercial Applications

Perfect for Schools, Casinos, and Any Other Commercial Building

When you are in charge of improving indoor air quality for a large commercial building, Genesis Air has the perfect equipment to exceed your needs. Our equipment can be found improving air quality in commercial buildings all over the world, from international casinos to animal hospitals.

Why You Need Genesis Air

Our experience with equipping commercial buildings with IAQ equipment has allowed us to see just how much we are able to help improve the air quality of large buildings. Here are some common types of buildings where you can find our equipment:


• Eliminate cigarette smoke
• Neutralize odors
• Ensure air quality of money rooms
• Increase employee health


• Increase average daily attendance
• Fight against resistant strains (T.B.)
• Increase ventilation
• Decrease lost teaching days

Animal Care

• Reduce “Kennel Cough”
• Eliminate odors
• Remove airborne viral pathogens

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