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When Indoor Air Quality Matters, Call Genesis Air

With constant foot traffic and high volumes of people, poor indoor air quality is common in airports. A PCO unit from Genesis Air is the perfect solution for airports looking to improve their indoor air quality and remove any unwanted odors from their halls.

Genesis Air is the ideal choice for airports because it addresses three major concerns you might have when choosing a PCO provider:


Our panels do not require monthly or even quarterly maintenance. Our system will last longer than the competition without needing to be replaced or maintained, saving you on operating costs.

Lifecycle Costs

Further decreasing operating costs, some parts of our units can be cleaned and reused rather than totally replaced.

Integrity of Design

Our products are designed with efficiency in mind. IAQ equipment from Genesis Air is built to last, and our POC units can be found in some of the biggest and busiest airports on earth.

Where We Are Improving IAQ

  • JFK International – NY
  • LAX – CA
  • Pittsburgh International Airport – PA
  • San Francisco Airport – CA
  • Many more

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